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Organic Mark of COAA will be enabled on Jan29.2009
Organic Mark of COAA will be enabled on Jan.29.2009 officially For the reason that Organic agriculture products regulation will come into effect on Jan.29 of the year of 2009,we should follow the regulation and use the new mark and the old one will stop on Jan.3,in 2009,as we has become formal Organic Certification body in Taiwan.We will use the new organic mark combined with CAS organic mark,like left picture and the following one is for Organic transitional period.This mark will be enabled on Jan.29.2009.Please identify the mark sample.We are the only one certification body to combine organic prudution traceability with organic products certification.The organic products of COAA will be on our website,and you can search all the traceability.Please support the products with COAA Organic Mark!
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