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France: Measures to boost organic agriculture
The Loi Grenelle?act was published in France at the beginning of August. The 32-page regulation is the result of the environment summit Grenelle de l Environnement?held two years ago. The act defines the national action plan to fight climate change and decrees specific implementing regulations intended to contribute to sustainable development?of the country, reports Michael Bohm from the Breton organic association IBB. In addition to energy, transport, waste, etc., the act lists specific measures for agriculture. The principles of organic farming are emphasized at several points in the wording of the law. Article 31 also defines clear targets for French organic farming: 6 % of agricultural land is to be farmed under organic conditions by as early as 2012, and as much as 20 % by 2020. The maximum subsidy rate for organic farms is to be doubled as a measure to specifically promote organic agriculture. information source from BioFach
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